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In 1976, the Grant County Commissioners were concerned that many county residents were leaving their home community for nursing home care. The commissioners were O. Vernon Keplinger, Lester Carr Jr., and Linton H. Sites. Concurrently, a group of county senior citizens, along with the Grant County Commission on Aging Director, Joyce Ours Thompson, realized the urgent need to have a nursing home in our area. 


After many public meetings, the Grant County Commission was given a Certificate of Need to build a sixty-bed Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) nursing home within the county. County Commissioners Arthur E. Kessel, Linton H. Sites, and Dayton D. Carr appointed a Board of Trustees at their October 6, 1981 meeting. Andrew Frye Jr. was appointed to a two-year term; Eileen Scell, a two-year term; Larkin Ours, a four-year term; Charles L. Halterman, a four-year term; and Terry Shobe, a six year term.


On Tuesday, July 26, 1983, the first resident of Grant County Nursing Home was admitted. At the Board of trustees meeting on July 28, 1983, Terry Shobe was appointed Administrator effective August 1, 1983. Tressler-Lutheran Associates concluded their services to the nursing home on August 12, 1983. By October 31, 1983, the sixty-bed facility was filled thereby demonstrating the actual need for nursing care beds to serve the community.


On September 28, 1988, construction started on a sixty-bed addition, which consisted of fifty ICF nursing care beds and ten personal care beds. On June 7, 1989, the first resident for the new addition was admitted.  The addition was financed by an FMHA loan of $500,000 and monies saved by the nursing home since its opening in July of 1983. 


From its opening on July 26, 1983, the nursing home has been the residence for many area citizens. 


In 2015, Grant County Nursing Home officially changed its name to Grant Rehabilitation and Care  Center. This change was deemed necessary to make the public more aware of the facility’s therapy services.